For over 25 years, FABER S.r.l. has designed and manufactured industrial conveyor systems to meet the needs of the ceramics industry and its demand for the automated handling of ceramic products. The company's special area of expertise is the automated handling of heavy volumes on rails.

FABER sees to the whole manufacturing cycle, from planning and design to installation. We purchase best-name standard components (electro-mechanical, hydraulic and electronic) from suppliers who provide full guarantees on quality and spare parts availability. We also build special components in-house or outsource their construction to suppliers with tested reliability.

Our technical department includes two mechanical and electro-electronic sectors manned by staff claiming solid experience in their specific areas. We also have a workshop where the units produced are assembled and tested.

A mobile unit of industrial, mechanical and electro-technical technicians with a background in electronics is assigned to the installation and final testing and inspection of the machines.

The company's special characteristic is to study, perform and install the equipment, machines and internal conveying systems designed to the specifications of customers in order to solve their particular problems. Special attention is placed on meeting requirements for conveying speed as well as safety to prevent accidents.

From the start, the company has concentrated primarily on serving the ceramics industry and has performed installations in every part of the world.

Already from many years it has broadened its sphere of activity to include:

- Software and electrical design solutions.
- Conveyors, parking and shuttles for plants for the production of ceramics and bricks
- Design and construction of complete vertical storage units for loading on pallets.
- Conveying systems and special machines for refractory rolls, sanitary fixture rollers and tile rollers.
- Conveying and handling of plastic film reels and electric cables.
- Design and construction of machines for metallic nets handling.
- - Design and production of conveyors, elevators, rotaries and loaders for machines and machining centres in the mechanics industry and for the woodworking industry.

The fittingses and the cars are projected and you build according to the directives of the "Insurance quality" An ENs ISO 9001:2000 and you/they are furnished equipped by the documentation required by her/it "Directive Cars" 98/37/CEE.

FABER also lends its skills for the design and construction of systems or special machines studied alongside the customer to meet individual specifications.

In addition, we can supervise system installation and start-up in any country, as well as guarantee servicing and the supply of spare parts.

We are also in a position to offer skilled technical support and 100% reliable products. We hope you will consider a joint collaboration in the future and that our proposal has met your interest.